How the Health and Wellness center is making sure students feel less isolated

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Located on Selwyn Ave, next to Barnhardt, is home to the Queens Health and Wellness center. The cozy building with white rocking chairs on the porch has always been a place for students to receive medical attention, speak with a counselor or just relax.

But with the pandemic, some of these things have shifted to accommodate for social distancing. Still, the center is up and running for the spring semester and working to keep students safe.

Covid tests are being administered and telehealth options are open to all students. The center also offers its regular resources, ranging from clinical services, health education, health testing and counseling.

As Queen’s campus filled with students this semester, albeit in smaller numbers than in typical years, there’s a part of campus that remains isolated.

Moses, Sunshine and Nola

 Northwest, Queens’ newest residence hall houses Covid positive students. While being in isolation can be a challenging and lonely, members of the center still try to support students virtually through daily mental health checkers, health promotional activities and virtual workouts on their Youtube page. 

The pandemic has changed how many college campuses operate and Queens is no different, having to incorporate changes from the dining hall to the Everett library. The Health and Wellness center is just one of many departments trying to make it work.

 “I watched this play out in the very beginning and based on the facts and science behind the virus, I knew we needed to prepare for the worst,” Jill Perry, Queens’ Dean of Health recalls.

Still, there are a few things that are the same. The center’s physician is available every Tuesday for virtual visits or in person if needed.

Around campus, you might also notice two golden retrievers named Nola and Sunshine. Students and staff are still welcome to take the therapy dogs for a walk around campus or just to relax.

It’s just one of many ways the Health and Wellness center is working to make isolation feel a little less lonely.

Students interested in walking Nola and Sunshine should reach out to Jill Perry at

Health and Wellness Youtube: @queenshws. 

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