Daniel Lugo inaugurated as Queens’ president

On Friday, October 18, in the Levine Center, Daniel G. Lugo was inaugurated and became Queens University of Charlotte’s 21st president. 

The ceremony included a group of alumni called the Royal Line, greetings from the city of Charlotte, the student body, delegates from other colleges, and an inaugural address by President Lugo himself. 

After taking the oath of office and receiving the presidential medallion, President Lugo vowed to live Queens’ motto of service and was officially declared the 21st president. He delivered his inaugural address in which he touched on many aspects, celebrating 162 years of history and thanking those who supported him along his journey. 

The inauguration ceremony began with Michael Tarwater, a chair on the Board of Trustees, who reflected upon Queens 162 years of existence. He spoke of the 20 men and women who served as president prior to President Lugo and introduced the celebration of the installation of the 21st president.

Vi Alexander Lyles, the Mayor of Charlotte and a proud Queens alumna, shared a warm welcome to President Lugo and how honored she was to be participating in such a grand, historic event. She spoke of her genuine excitement for the future of Queens under our new president who “stimulates intellectual curiosity” among students, faculty, and throughout the campus.

Taylor Robinson, ’20, the Student Government Association (SGA) president, presented herself and reflected on a time where President Lugo sat in on one of their SGA meetings. She highlighted a moment that stood out to her when another student questioned him, “What makes a great leader?” He responded with, “Not one thing makes a great leader, but all leaders have a passion for bringing out the best in the community,” truly expressing his dedication to the students in the Queens community. 

President of Colby College and a dear friend of President Lugo’s, David Greene, shared how proud he was of President Lugo and for this next chapter of his life. He spoke of how his “capacity for innovation and great leadership” will “dare to identify new ways to serve” throughout his leadership on the Queens University of Charlotte campus. He said that President Lugo represents “a bright light that illuminates pathways that others will follow,” and is a man of integrity, as well as a powerful, effective leader.

Coming from a low-income family and being a first-generation college graduate, President Lugo successfully navigated to where he is today through hard work, dedication, and the unconditional support and inspiration from those around him. “This is an honor of my lifetime,” he said, and expressed how “leadership and service is a part of our DNA.” He looks forward to sharing and spreading his passion for leadership and the community and finished his speech by stating, “Queens is ready to serve. Queens is ready to lead. Thanks to years of support, I am ready to lead.”

Photo by Mabry Busby, ’22.

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