Opinion: Charlotte’s Ninth District needs proper representation

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J.D. Mazuera-Arias (’20), president of the College Democrats at Queens, weighs in his views on this past year’s Congressional election in Charlotte’s Ninth District, where Queens is located.

What seemed a “too-close-to-call” race in North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District turned out to be a gross violation of democratic values, as Republican Mark Harris tampered with the election results and practiced election fraud to win the 2018 midterm.

After running a positive campaign for the 2018 midterm election, Dan McCready is not giving up on the people in the Ninth District. Being a small business owner and a former Marine, McCready continues to fight for the common American, regardless of their political affiliation, by running again as the Democratic nominee in the unrepresented district. 

McCready is determined to instill democratic values back in the district by protecting every American’s right to vote, pushing for a more sustainable Earth, ending family separation, keeping the DREAM Act, protecting a women’s right to choose and making our communities safer by ending unnecessary gun violence in schools without abolishing the Second Amendment.

This is exactly what our country desperately needs right now – to have a voice of unity and common sense at the table that does not represent one party or a particular group of people, but that represents all Americans. In order to move forward in our democracy, with protecting our children and our democratic values, the Ninth District needs someone like Dan McCready to lead.

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