Matt Packey discusses dining hall renovations

Queens' new bistroA few weeks ago, Q-News made public the plans for Queens to renovate its dining hall, Trexler Student Center, and find a new location for the bookstore. Matt Packey, the chief financial officer at Queens, recently revealed some important information about the upcoming project that is aimed at creating a more inviting environment.

What will the renovations include?

Packey said currently, the dining room is cafeteria style and cramped, but with the coming renovations, it will seek to expand not only the dining area itself but the kitchen as well in order to serve the growing student population.

What are the food options?

Packey also said that the dining hall will include a micro-restaurant concept, one where a student can have more food choices.

“What we’ve seen changing in the last decade is more micro-restaurant concepts, more engaging with your food provider of ‘I would like this on my burger’ or ‘I would like my food prepared this way’ rather than you take what they’ve already made,” Packey said. The new layout will also incorporate a fresh market, with items like fruits, vegetables, and a cook-to-order section.

What about Trexler and the bookstore?

While there isn’t anything concrete yet about the bookstore location, Packey shared Trexler will undergo a renovation designed to create a more engaging space for students. This means more tables and chairs will be added to the area to accommodate programs or events. It could also be used for a studying space or to have coffee with friends instead of in the larger dining area.

“We recognize we don’t have a true student center on campus. We have the Levine Center, we have Rex’s Lair, we have the front of Trexler and the Lion’s Den, but none of those are uniquely student-centered,” he said.

When will the project start and be completed?

The construction is set to begin next summer, but according to Packey, the completion may take longer.

“It’s probably more likely than not we’ll do this work over two summers,” he said.

Reported on by Cristina Carbera Carrientos and Jeannette Jones.


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