Dr. Carole Isom-Barnes brings her unique experience to the classroom

Knight School ProfessorIt’s the beginning of a new semester and you’re searching for your classroom and trying to identify your new professor. You find the classroom with five minutes to spare, full of new classmates and new faces. You take a seat and in walks Dr. Carole Isom-Barnes with a smile full of excitement, ready to start class.

Isom-Barnes is one of the newest full-time employees on campus and teaches at the Knight-Crane School of Communication. She had been teaching at Queens since 2005 as an adjunct professor.

Isom-Barnes received her bachelor’s degree at Brandeis University in Massachusetts. She later received her masters in Organized Communications right here at Queens University of Charlotte in 2004.

When asked about her reasons for teaching at Queens, Isom-Barnes said she has a passion for teaching and helping people reach their full potential. She has a business background and decided to start her own consulting company that supports individuals working in businesses to excel.

“Being a teacher, even at Queens, I’m still able to lead people and develop people to reach their maximum potential,” said Isom-Barnes.

Dr. Zachary White, the Director of Graduate Programs, has known Isom-Barnes for four years and works close to her in the Communications department. White said he feels privileged to have her as a full-time professor in the graduate program, as she has great professional experience, and brings real-world practice and an understanding outlook to the classroom. “[She is] curious, interested, and someone who expects the best out of her students,” said White. He also labeled her as a wonderful role model for students to understand how one can leverage a theoretical and practical background in a variety of areas, as well as a great representation of the Knight-Crane School of Communication.

Cheyenne Logan, a graduate student of Isom-Barnes, emphasized that she loves attending her classes. “She’s funny and makes class enjoyable,” said Logan. As a person, Logan said Dr. Isom-Barnes is easy to talk to and have conversations with.

Isom-Barnes is extremely excited for the year ahead as it is a new experience. She feels as though she is now an official member of the Queens family as a full-time employee and Assistant Professor of Strategic Communication.

She described herself as a “movie aficionado.” She loves going to watch films and said that she once added up 45 movies watched in a year. Her favorite movie is What About Bob? starring Richard Dreyfuss and Bill Murray.

She is originally from Boston, Mass. but has lived in Charlotte for 27 years. She travels back and forth to Boston to visit her immediate family who still live there. She also travels a lot due to her consulting practice alongside her husband, with Vermont being her favorite traveling destination.

You can find Isom-Barnes teaching primarily core courses and electives in the Knight-Crane School of Communication. She wants to take her own experiences and transition them to her teachings, making her classes an enjoyable time for her students.

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