Dan McCready campaigns at Queens

mccready campaigning at QueensUnited States House of Representatives Democratic candidate Dan McCready paid a visit to Queens University of Charlotte campus on Sunday, October 21, to speak to the community regarding his campaign. McCready touched on several different topics during this Q&A session, including gun violence, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and economic and social mobility within Charlotte.

Gun Violence Laws

As a United States Marine Corps veteran and a father of four children, McCready explained he has a well-rounded understanding of gun violence issues. He believes bipartisan gun-violence prevention and comprehensive background checks are the best things that can be done.


During the question and answer session, McCready was asked, “Queens has a high number of DACA students who are denied federal aid. These students depend on Queens and private funders to be able to afford an education. If elected, would you work to find workable solutions for undocumented students?” His response was short and concise – “Yes.” McCready mentioned his personal relationship with an individual who falls under DACA and acknowledged the harsh reality DACA recipients face, especially when it comes to getting a higher education.

Economic & Social Mobility

McCready said Charlotte is ranked 50th out America’s 50 largest cities when it comes to economic mobility. He made it a point to not only say this is a big problem, but to also reiterate his mission to work on bettering this situation for both the more and less financially able if he were to be elected into office.

More information about congressional candidate Dan McCready’s views on other issues can be found on his campaign website here.

Queens invited Republican Mark Harris to share his campaign with the students and did not receive a response.

Written by Chyna Blackmon and Karely Avila. Image courtesy of J.D. Mazuera and the College Democrats club.


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