[#FeatureFriday] Things To Do To Help You Write Your Novel When You Don’t Feel Like Actually Writing Your Novel

2017 Image: On the Brain, by Joi Pride

You like reading books so much that you want to try your hand at crafting an everlasting tale to resonate in readers’ hearts for years to come. Nice. Welcome to the world of authorship. If you identify with this description of aspiring novelist, you probably have experience with the torment that’s writer’s block. If you hit that place in your story where you don’t know how to move forward (don’t worry, even if you don’t know how to begin, this post is still for you), take a step back from the words and breathe. In the meantime, here is a list of things to keep you busy in your writing world, without having to actually, well… write.

1. Make a “Story Board”
Create an aesthetically pleasing bulletin board above your writing space to house notes/plans/sketches/inspiration. (For travel convenience, also put together a multi-pocketed folder to take your words on the go.)

2. Buy some fancy pens
Even if you’re just twirling your pen in your hand instead of drafting with it, you can look sophisticated while day dreaming about your favorite scenes.

3. Learn more about your characters
Put those fancy pens to use and jot physical descriptions about your characters on note cards. Push yourself to include behavioral traits, quirks, habits, and possible changes they may undergo. Put the cards on the Story Board.

4. PLAN!
You are the emperor of your literary empire- do some world building and discover the ins and outs of your story environment. Tack your “Big Ideas” to the board.

5. Develop a list of working titles
Discussing your tale with a trusted peer would be a lot easier if it had a name, even if temporary. Don’t forget to put the list on the board, near the top.

6. Doodle
Design your dream cover for inspiration, OR create portraits of your main characters, OR if you are not gifted in this department of artistry, simply google “hot teenage boy” to find the perfect look for your story’s love interest.

7. Read
Finally, if you are not actually writing and chipping away at that word count, the next best thing you could do is read. Pay attention to the literary techniques other authors use and think about how to include them in your own work in progress!

2017 Drawing: On the Brain, by Joi Pride

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