Police chief ‘makes a difference’ by helping students

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You’ve seen him around—his gray mustache and balding head. You’ve probably heard his voice—an accent from a lifetime in Gaston County, N.C. Mac Cable is the newest Chief of Police at Queens University of Charlotte.

He started his career in law enforcement in the 1970s. About a decade later, he needed a higher income, so he entered the textile industry.

“I had an opportunity to travel all over the world with the textile industry, but my true love is law enforcement,” said Cable.

After 22 years as a world traveler, Cable returned to where his heart lay. After updating his training, he enrolled at Queens not as a student, but as a police officer. That was 10 years ago.

“In regular law enforcement, every officer wants to make a difference. Here at Queens, when you help a student, it actually makes a difference.”

The biggest issue here “like at any school is alcohol use,” he said.

He told one story of a student he helped a few years back. The student was caught drinking underage, so Cable wrote them up and then got them help to get their focus back on school. At graduation, the student hugged the officer around his neck.

Unfortunately, with the updated honor code, Cable may have to aid more students in focusing on school. As of this academic year, if a guest of a Queens student is caught drinking under the age of 21, then they get the ticket from Queens police as a state citation. If the Queens student is drinking as well, then they get to appear in front of the Honor Council and receive a state citation. A state citation means a mandatory court appearance.

“That way, they’re really getting hammered,” joked Cable.

Another issue is parking.

Students are allowed to park in the South parking deck. The adjacent North deck is for faculty and staff from 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Commuters can park in the North deck after 5 p.m. The spots in the clocktower circle are for commuters or certain people who paid for the spots.

For the commuters who try think parking on the streets is automatically acceptable, think again. That is the one complaint from the neighbors: illegal parking on the streets.

Parking tickets start at $50.  There is an appeal process if you feel your ticket is unfair, but nine out of 10 times the reason is invalid, Cable says, and you pay the ticket anyway.

Cable says that instead of parking illegally, alert campus police that you truly cannot locate a spot in South deck and they will assist you in finding one.

Cable understands this need to park, so he sees the empty spots and wants to help others find suitable parking places. He understands safely and legally parking a car. He has had a Corvette all his life, after all. But his main ride is an SUV to tote his new grandbaby around. He has to keep him safe as well as the students.

“[We are trying to] get you guys through four years with no criminal activities and get you guys to do right and focus on your studies.”


Keeping Students Safe

  • Two trainings per semester during hall meetings for all residents to learn what to do during a shooting. Requests can be made for additional trainings by campus police.
  • Nine full-time police officers
    • Two officers always on duty.
  • Officers trained by SWAT
  • QAlert
    • Register your cell number



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