Student Financial Services: Donors continue to give scholarship funds

Following a campus update presentation to students from President Pamela Davies, Christy Majors, assistant vice president of student financial services, announced that Queens’ scholarship endowment is still healthy with donations coming in every year in spite of a growing student body and new scholarships being added.

On Oct. 8, 2013, Davies held a campus update meeting for students in the Crown Room of the Levine Center for Wellness and Recreation. During her presentation, she talked about her achievements during her 11-year tenure in office, discussed changes to come as part of her five-year plan – in particular scholarships and related funds for students.

Majors expressed how fortunate Queens is to have a solid base of donors who make a Queens education possible. Over the years, 90 percent of traditional undergraduate students have received some type of scholarship. However, last year that percentage “skyrocketed” to 97 percent and maintained that high for the current school year.

“I’m very excited to think that’s something that students will enjoy reading about and possibly even learning,” she said.

Even though the student population is increasing every year, donors are still giving to Queens to ensure a way for students to attend college.

Recent additions to opportunities for upperclassmen to receive scholarships were designed as rewards for “doing great things while attending Queens.” The most prestigious awards for rising juniors and seniors, said Majors, are the Judy Moore Leonard Leadership in Service Award, the Critical Thought Symposium and the Noble Fellowships, which allow for students to participate in academic projects.

Majors stated her goal is to try to connect upperclassmen to opportunities not only on campus, but off campus as well. She hopes to both get and give more information on this to returning students very soon. The spring semester is the season for students to apply for scholarships, she said, so information about opportunities around the Charlotte community will be coming for students to look at and get ideas from.

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