Getting to know the dogs at Queens

Thor, Dogs of Queens

 Owner: William Sparks

 Associate Dean Graduate Programs and External Relations

 Dog: Thor

 Thor was a rescue puppy that was abused. Sparks said he rescued him about a year  ago and that   “He was found during a sleet storm last winter in Raleigh, NC.  Thor’s  breed is a combination of Samoyed and Alaskan Malamute.”  Dr. Sparks brings Thor  to campus 2 days a week on average and he loves to visit Queens and see all of the  friendly faces.


Drayco & Jill Perry

Owner: Jill Perry

Director, Student Health & Wellness

Dog: Drayco

Drayco is 14 years old and he was rescued from animal control here in Charlotte,  NC.  Which is potentially a “kill facility” and Drayco would not have had the  opportunity to have such a long and eventful life if he was not rescued when he was.   Since he is a rescue they are sure exactly what his breed is but Jill Perry said she  thinks he is a mixture of a shepherd and gold retriever.   An interesting fact about  Drayco is that he got a cancerous tumor that resulted in having to amputate one of  his back legs.  So he has been a 3 legged dog for the past three years, but it hasn’t  changed his happy go lucky attitude.  Perry added “He is definitely a people person  and is so great with everybody that walks in the door.”


Benji (Bookstore Puppy)

Owner: Kathy Devlin

 Bookstore Manager

 Dog: Benji

 Benji is only 8 months old and had the opportunity to spend the  summer at Queens and hang out in the Bookstore office with his mom.  He was there during ROAR orientations and Devlin said “He got to meet  a lot of incoming students and was always so excited to be here.”  Benji  is from Charlotte, NC and is a Maltese which is a mixture of a Toy  Poodle and Maltipoo.


Zoe Owner- J. Diane Mowrey

Owner: J. Diane Mowrey

 Chaplain and Mrs. John R. Irwin Professor of Bible

 Dog: Zoe

 Zoe is a 12 year old Cockapoo which is a mixed breed of Cocker Spaniel and Poodle.  Dr. Mowrey has been at Queens for 23 years and wanted to make a point to say that  “I believe Zoe was the first dog that started coming to campus, and other faculty  members have caught on over the years.”  Zoe was found in an advertisement in the  paper in Charlotte and has been coming to work in her kennel everyday with Dr.  Mowrey since she was a puppy.  Seven years ago Zoe was diagnosed with diabetes  so she has had to change her daily routine a little bit but is still happy as can be.


Crash Owner- Miller Yoho

Owner: Miller Yoho

 Director, Athletics Marketing & Promotion

 Dog: Crash

 Crash is a rescue so Miller is not sure what her exact breed is but he thinks she is a  Hound.  Crash is only 5 months old and whopping 25 pounds.  Miller said “Crash is  on campus almost every day for her daily walks, she loves to meet new people.”    Miller plans to bring Crash to the Queens Softball and Tennis games in the Spring.

Dora Owner- Lynn Morton

 Owner: Lynn Morton

 Dean: College of Arts & Sciences

 Dog: Dora

 Dora is 12 weeks old and she is rescue Border Collie.  She is always on campus  frolicking around and loves to hang out with students and other dogs.

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