5 best smartphone apps for university students

By Olivia Jewell

Some say smartphones are the one (inanimate) object that university students touch more than anything else.

Intel’s Genevieve Bell, a sociologist specializing in technology, says the affection people have for smartphones may actually be turning into a real relationship. But that’s another story.

In any case, there are five apps that Queens students seem to turn to more than any others. Following is a list of the top five essential, go-to apps for university students. All five are available for both iOS and Android phones.

1. Instagram

Instagram is arguably the fastest growing app used by university students around the globe. Instagram’s future was so promising that Facebook bought it for $1 billion last year. Instagram is a hip picture-sharing app. “Instagram is better than Facebook because it skips all the boring stuff people don’t want to see. It is great for creative people and it’s the first app I open in the morning,” said Hunter Horton, a senior at UNC Chapel Hill. Free.

2. Twitter

Twitter is quickly becoming the new social media app over Facebook according to many university students. It is useful for world, local, sports and entertainment news. It is also an easy way to keep up with friends. “I use Twitter the most because it is how I get all of my news and keep up with my friends at the same time,” said Queens alumna Sabrina Simpson. Free.

3. Studious

According to Men’s Health, Studious is a popular app that allows you to “set your class schedules and homework deadlines and store notes and photos with ease. When you add your class schedule, it automatically silences your phone during the corresponding class times.” Free for Android. $2 for iOS.

4. Facebook

While other apps, including Instagram and Twitter, are quickly catching up to Facebook, it is still the most-used app among Internet users. Some reports indicate there are more than four times as many Facebook users as Twitter or Instagram users. And where else can you learn whether life-changing events are “Facebook official?” Free.

5. Yelp

Yelp’s purpose is to locate different businesses near your current location, including movie theaters, sushi restaurants, dessert places, gas stations, grocery stores – practically anything. “I’m vegan and there aren’t many places on campus that serve vegan food,” said Max Robb, a North Carolina State University junior. “I use Yelp to see what places around have vegan food available so I don’t have to waste time searching all the menus.” Free.

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