Hannah Cochran Wins Class President

The Student Government Association had a very close race for freshmen class president, but Hannah Cochran beat out her opponents to win the election.

All of the votes were closely spread out among each candidate. According to Amber Perrell, assistant dean of students, the number of voters has increased since the ballot became electronic last year. She stated that and about fifty percent of the freshmen class participated in the election.

Cochran said that she wanted to campaign to get involved on campus and get to know her fellow students. She is now in charge of a committee to improve campus life and is the coordinator for freshmen events.

According to SGA Executive President Joseph Vaughn, as representatives of the student body, SGA plans to focus on internal changes and external representation, which means that they want to address issues that will better the student body by making sure things are safe and accessible for students.

Vaughn thinks this will be accomplished through the new bill system, which ensures that actions will be taken to address situations and issues brought forth by students.
SGA Senate meetings are at 11 a.m. every Tuesday in Claudia Belk Dining Room. All students are welcome to attend these meetings and share their opinions with the Senate.

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