Ratio Christi explains the reasoning behind the religion

Have you ever pondered the meaning of life? How about morality or the existence of God? One of Queens’ newest and lesser-known clubs is seeking out answers to those types of questions during their meetings. Ratio Christi, meaning “The Reason of Christ” in Latin, is one way to debate some of the deepest questions in life.

The club has only been at Queens for three years now, but the Ratio Christi movement is an organization with branches all over the world. Their goal is simple: to defend and verify the Christian faith to believers and skeptics alike. For that very reason, Ratio Christi welcomes students from all religious or non-religious backgrounds. They use scientific, historical, and philosophical evidence to support their beliefs, and are eager to hear new ideas and perspectives on life’s great questions.

When asked why the club would appeal to students without strong religious ties, sophmore Collin Brown, a co-president of the club, stated simply that they deal with the most important questions in life, and that those types of dialogues do not only apply to Christians.

This year, the club has made a point to take themselves from the textbooks to the real world. They frequently watch debates between atheistic and religious experts and have even had some very important guest speakers of their own. Recently, the university’s Ratio Christi branch hosted Dr. Matthew Flannagan, a religious expert from New Zealand. The club’s other co-president, sophmore Elec Atkinson, remarked that it was an incredibly exciting event for the club to have an expert share new perspectives on some of the most basic topics in the Christian faith.

All the members of the club are enthused about their plans for the upcoming semester and would like to encourage all Queens students to come out and see for themselves what Ratio Christi is all about.

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