Student duo shares passion for music

Provided by Eric Richard

Sophomores Clough (left) and Richard (right) play for Queens students and their parents at Family Weekend.


They met during their first night at Queens their freshman year. Sophomores Joey Clough and Eric Richard lived on the same corner of their floor in Albright.  Richard heard him playing guitar and went and introduced himself. Through their passion for music, the two became good friends and soon after, bandmates.

Clough has been playing guitar for nine years, and Richard has been playing for three years. Clough has also been singing for nine years because, according to bandmate Richard, he had a knack for doing both at the same time. Richard sings with Clough only on occasion.

“I like to reserve most of my singing for the shower and the car,” said Richard.

Their combined music careers started last fall at the Queens talent show. They came in third place and won a digital camera. As of now, the duo does not have a name. They have thrown around a few ideas since they started playing together, but so far, nothing has stuck. Clough and Richard do have a particular style of music they like to play though. While they mainly play country and rock songs, the duo enjoys doing a little bit of everything for their shows.

Since their debut at the talent show, the two musicians have played at The Evening Muse, a music night club in NoDa that hosts original independent music acts of all genres. Last spring, they opened for a comedy show that was held in Dana Auditorium. Most recently, they performed at the Burwell Bash on September 21, during Family Weekend.

At this time, the duo does not have any shows coming up, but they are looking into different venues in the area. For now, they consider their music to be just a hobby. Joey is a Music Therapy major, and Eric is a Communication major. After they graduate, however, the duo hopes to further pursue their combined music careers if they end up living in the same place.


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