Migrating South: Students relocate mid-semester

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The new construction plan created a lot of expectations towards the new residence hall, but the move-in date and other issues have been building rumors around campus.

Queens is going through one of its most successful years of construction, having  just completed their  newest upperclassmen residence hall.  “South,” as named by the university, will open its doors to students on September 28.

“South is a great addition to Queens because it is going to give upperclassmen a comfortable place to study and spend their last years of academic excellence,” said Sarrin Warfield, Associate Director of Residence Life.  “It will redefine community at Queens.”

According to Warfield, South has a lot of advantages in comparison to other residence halls, and she could not be happier to express her excitement about it.  The most significant additions include a common room inside every suite, reserved parking spots for seniors, and a full sized refrigerator for the rooms.  She also included the fact that South Residence Hall  has been equipped with extra noise proof padding inside the walls to prevent students from hearing the Levine Center construction noise during the day.
The divided opinions among students has created a lot of discussion about South Residence Hall.  One of the biggest concerns among students is that the move-in date is during the semester when midterms begin and long projects are due.

Because of the late move-in date, some upperclassmen students have opted to residing off-campus, seeing their new apartment or house as an opportunity to have more space to study and  avoid the mid-semester relocation process.  Queens estimates that around 65% of its total traditional undergraduate students live on campus at the moment.

“While living off-campus, I pay less, have more space to study, and do not need to worry about having to move-in in the middle of my important exams,” said senior Gustavo Munhoz.

“Living on campus is great because of the convenience, but the new building does not meet the students’ needs, making the off-campus option my best choice.” said junior Felipe Netto.

While there are always students who opt for off campus housing, there are several students who decided to stay and move into the new building seem to be very motivated with the change.  It is estimated that 175 students will be moving into South Residence Hall.

“Moving into South will be a new awesome experience for me and the students,” said senior Bryce Boothby III. “I believe the new dorm will fulfill my needs and increase the sense of community at Queens.”
South may be the beginning of  revolutionizing the way students live at Queens. Only time will tell what the real repercussions are of the building; for now, all the students can do is trust in the university and wait for the best.


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