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31 Pleasant Avenue

Image published in Signet 2017: Age and Beauty, by Olivia Arnold

Nonfiction: ” It’s been weeks and you still haven’t slept through the night. Instead, you lay awake and listen to the regular rhythm of sound coming from the baby monitor. The tick, tick, tick of the clock in his nursery comes through and your mind begins to wander…”

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When the Last Morning Came

Image published in Signet 2017: A Sinking City, by Margaret Nelson

Fiction: “It had gotten darker. The time between rising from the sweat of my mattress and arriving back home from La Rose, the most unnecessary perfume shop in Amsterdam, kept its stage lit in the same gray. The shadow of the sun tripped over the clouds into a shade of purple every morning, and although all of us noticed, all of us saw, none of us knew why…”

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