Students return to a quiet campus for the spring semester

Queens has been waiting for students to come back to campus for ten long months, and the time has come. As we received the email from President Lugo about moving onto campus in the spring, this brought an array of excitement and hope for the future.

Freshman Emily Walter shared, “Being on campus this semester is a surprise.” As the initial excitement started to come in, she also expected the heart-wrenching email shutting those dreams down but was hoping for the best. Covid-19 has taught everyone to expect the unexpected and fill in the missing spots in your life, and finally getting to be on campus is something hundreds of students have been waiting for.

Going to college is a new and scary experience, but going to college during a global pandemic is scarier. Walter, a New York native, was worried about coming to Charlotte as she noticed the virus case count rising.

“My first thought with coming on campus for the spring semester was how are classes going to operate,” Walter said. There was no answer as cases were rising in Charlotte, but once move-in dates grew closer, the news came that there would be no in-person classes until February.

In some ways, this was both saddening and relieving to students, as Walter has never been in a classroom before and wanted the chance to get settled into her new home.

“Being on campus is exciting and new but boring at the same time,” Walter said. College life in 2021 is different from any other time in history, and not having in-person classes has made it difficult to make friends.

Kate Poelka is also new to Queens. “Being on campus has been an overwhelmingly positive experience so far,” she said.

 Popelka has so far had success getting to meet new people and having the independence she wished for. “Although it’s disappointing that we can’t hang out with large groups of people or can’t go to class, I’m very happy with my decision.”

 Popelka is also a member of Alpha Delta Pi, and it’s just another thing that’s different this year.

“Everything is virtual for ADPI, but there is still a strong sense of sisterhood, and I’ve made my best friends in the past few weeks of being on campus.” Kate said. “There is a beauty in this pandemic because we are all going through this together.”

Being able to live on campus after months away is something some students are excited about. As the semester moves on, Students have proven their resilience, patience and positivity with being a college student during a global pandemic.

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Published by students of Queens University of Charlotte, 1900 Selwyn Avenue, Charlotte, N.C. 28274.