The Center for Student Success offers ways to rest, relax and recharge

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Queens’ Center for Student Success Reset & Recharge event earlier this Spring provided an opportunity for students to distress virtually while studying for their final exams.

On the MyQueens home page, the center announced that since they’re unable to host the annual event on-campus because of the coronavirus pandemic, they will share virtual stress-busting activities for students to perform at home.

Their directions say students can complete five of the 12 listed activities, which include guided meditation, taking an hour screen break, cleaning out their sock drawer, creating a TikTok and posting a picture of a neighborhood kindness, to name a few.

DeAnna Armstrong, the administrative assistant of the Center for Student Success, described each activity and how they help students become self-motivated, practice self-care and allow their minds to relax.

For the meditation activity, Armstrong explained there’s a guided meditations link under the additional stress relieving resource tab on the center’s MyQueens home page. She said students can listen to and practice from several meditation videos that help ease their mind from reality and into a more peaceful place.

Because they’re currently working remotely and virtually, Armstrong and the center recommend that students take an hour screen break from their devices. She described how they can use that hour to do something they’ve always wanted to complete, such as exercise, yoga, meditate or create a tutorial.

Students can even take time away from their studying to clean out a sock drawer or another drawer they’ve never had the chance to organize, Armstrong said. “[It’s] because we know that sometimes the semester gets really busy, and you don’t have time to go through a particular drawer.” Therefore, cleaning it out could make them feel productive or that they’ve accomplished something today, she explained.

The center also included creating a TikTok since they’ve observed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that it’s one of the most popular platforms students are currently using. Armstrong explained that they felt creating a TikTok video will allow them to showcase their creative side, talents, or skills.

Lastly, Armstrong said the idea for the neighborhood kindness message activity arose after a coworker stated how there were a couple of students and kids in her neighborhood that would write encouraging messages with chalk on the sidewalks. She explained that if students write supporting messages on the sidewalks or even around campus it could brighten someone’s day and make a difference.

After completing each activity, students need to post on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, using #QUSTRESSBUSTERS, and tag the Center for Student Success. With the first three students to complete and post five of the stress busters receive a prize. Armstrong added it will most likely be a gift card or something the center can mail because they can’t physically give them a gift.

Armstrong also said they were thinking about students who may not have the technology to post a picture or video. With that in mind, the center included ‘go for a 30-minute walk’ as one of their activities that students can perform without a technological device.

The benefit to adding the stress relieving resources to the center’s MyQueens page is students will be able to review the different activities they could do if they’re unable to create a TikTok or post a picture in their Queens gear, Armstrong explained.

 “I want students to take away that these activities are really things that can be helpful and be beneficial to you,” she said. “Even though they may be simple, it’s something that will bring a smile to their face…To me, that’s what life’s about – making sure that you’re happy because your happiness matters and is most important.”  

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