Jeff Brown responds to concerns over hours of dining hall staff

Queens cafeteria, featuring the Royal Bistro

In August 2019, Queens University of Charlotte opened its newly renovated dining hall with four new outside restaurants: The Pizzeria, Mecklenburger, Ms. Betty’s Marketplace, and the Royal Bistro. Though the opening was largely seamless, some concerns did arise regarding excess work hours for the employees.

Jeff Brown, Director of Dining Services, commented on this by explaining the big shift the dining services have experienced by having to hire new employees to cover not only the original dining hall but four additional options.

“We have some staff that works eight hours, some that work four, and some that work twelve,” said Brown. “We have been utilizing a lot of overtime because we are a little bit short staffed right now.” 

Measures have been taken to increase the number of employees at the dining hall. Brown mentioned how Dining Services hired 20 new employees and was still in the process of hiring more. Sophomore and student employee Kiarra Murrill also said the cafeteria was doing a better job of hiring workers, although she felt they were still short-staffed on weekends. 

As Queens enters a new semester, Dining Services will look to build off of the successes and trials of the last one and fully get its feet on the ground with running an increased number of venues.

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