North Carolina to adopt photo ID law in 2020

Pineda answering questions

Beginning in 2020, North Carolinians will be required to provide a photo ID when voting. 

Currently, when voters go to the polls, they must provide their name and address then sign a slip that confirms their identification. But, starting in January, photo IDs will be required in order to cast a ballot.

Examples of valid photo identification documents include a driver’s license, college/university student ID, military ID card, voter ID card, and a United States passport.

Voters in favor of the change said the policy will prevent fraud. Nancy Blaine, a Charlotte resident since 1965, already has a voter ID and will feel little impact from the change. However, Blaine said something needs to be done “to help immigrants and other people who haven’t voted before” to get to the polls.

Those opposed to the change recognize that minority populations will be affected the most. Jordan Pineda (pictured above), a candidate for at-large member of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education in North Carolina, described the policy change as a bipartisan decision. He believes it will empower Republican voters because “the majority of people without photo IDs are African Americans, Latinos,” and other minorities.

Written by Grace Wesoly and Jessica Higgins. Photo by Alice Cristea.

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