The Untold Stories: Pets on Queens’ Campus

There is more to Queens than the squirrels that live in every trashcan. From Emotional Support Animals to resident “Tiny Dogs,” Queens campus houses dozens of animals. Here are a few you may have seen before on campus.


apple the ferret

Apple is a 2-year old sable-mitt ferret living in Belk Residence Hall with Sabrina Ingram (’22). She adopted him when he was six weeks old and he has been living at Queens since last August. He loves to play with stress balls, roll around in tall grass, and dig until his heart’s content. His favorite spot on campus is the area behind McEwen. His birthday was on April 14t. Sabrina threw him a birthday bash, complete with a cake made out of rice cakes, chicken baby food, and cheerios. If Apple had a major, it would be communications. He loves socializing and has great people skills, as long as he still gets his playtime. Instagram: @apple_the_ferret


Memphis the dog

This 2-year old rescue is a Border-Collie/Australian Shephard/Pointer mix. Alexis Jordan (’20), his owner, adopted him when he was 10 months old and Memphis has been living in Wireman with her for one year. He loves chasing squirrels, eating everything in sight, and playing with his best friend, Luna (owned by Allie Nelson) at the dog park. Memphis’s favorite spot on campus is the soccer field, where he can run and play. A very talented dog, he knows several tricks including sit, shake, and down. If he had a major, it would probably be biology or environmental science because he is a huge fan of the outdoors. Instagram: @memphthemutt


rosemary the dog

Known by her owners, Monica and Zeb Gillette, as “Tiny Dog,” Rosemary is a dachshund/chihuahua mix. She is between 5 and 6 years old as has been part of the Gillette family for three and a half years. She is bad at listening but loves to be coddled like a baby or a football. She is 10 pounds and hates two things: animals that are bigger than her and plastic. Shower curtains are her worst enemies. She has a best friend named Roxy, a Yorkie, and a boyfriend named Greer, a Schnauzer. Rosemary’s favorite snacks are carrots, Doritos, pretzels, and low-fat mozzarella cheese sticks. Her favorite spots on campus are the flower bed in front of Wireman fountain and anywhere that is in direct sunlight. She loves sunbathing, snuggling and snacking. If she had a major, it would be something fabulous such as art history with a minor in arts administration. She may or may not be related to Elle Woods’ chihuahua Bruiser. Fun fact: Last week, she ran into the statue next to the library while chasing a squirrel and had to go to the emergency room due to the cut on her head.


Leo the rabbit

Also known as Mr. Sweetface, Leo is an almost-4-year-old lionhead rabbit (his birthday was on Easter this year!). Originally owned by a high school teacher, he now lives with Emma Cooler (’21) and has free reign of her room in Wireman. Leonardo has been at Queens for two years and loves running through his cat tunnel, jumping around Emma’s room, and laying on the couch. He is a very fashionable bunny and owns several outfits including a rain jacket and two sets of pajamas. His favorite spot on campus is the Hammock Village because he loves hopping around in the grass. Leo’s favorite movies are “Mamma Mia!” and “Mean Girls.” If he had a major, it would be psychology. Instagram: @leo.hippidyhop


Sansa the cat

An almost 1-year old calico, Sansa is a cat named after a “Game of Thrones” character. She was two months old when she was adopted by Kelsey Lambert (20’) and now lives with her in Wireman. Sansa loves wreaking havoc around Kelsey’s room; her favorite activity is pulling out the contents of Kelsey’s drawers and playing with what she finds. She enjoys tuna, both wet and freeze-dried, and her favorite spots in Kelsey’s room are on the window sill and at the foot of her bed. Sansa has a hot and cold personality and is generally a really weird cat. Recently, she tried to jump on the window sill behind Kelsey’s TV but ended up misplacing a paw and falling into her litterbox. She recovered, sitting in front of the TV for a moment, and considered her embarrassment. If Sansa had a major, it would be exercise science because she is curious and active.

Many pets on campus, if they aren’t a fish or a hermit crab, are Emotional Support Animals (ESAs). ESAs can be incredibly beneficial to a student’s mental health. If you are interested in having an ESA on campus, contact Cort Schneider, the Coordinator of Student Disability Services, at

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