Dining options on campus closing early

Einstein's logoRumors regarding the hours of on-campus dining options have been surfacing across the Queens campus. Specifically, some students have noticed the Lion’s Den, Coffee House, and Einstein’s closing earlier than the hours posted outside their doors.

“One dining option that I notice closes before their posted times is Einstein’s…this is not only frustrating when I have walked all the way across campus, but also could lead me to not getting food during the time I have available in my schedule,” said Kaylee Broome (’22).

Jasmine Madjlessi (’20) also felt something was up. “I noticed the coffee shop would close 30 minutes to an hour early, but that was a while ago, maybe a few months ago. A few weeks ago I noticed Einstein’s closed a few hours early and everyone was confused.”

Not everyone shares this sentiment. “Truthfully I haven’t noticed any dining options closing early, but I have noticed the weight room closing early as well as the library,” said Devon Spencer (’22).

Similarly, Tori Ardines (’21) expressed that she currently has not noticed a change in the dining hours on campus, but she understands that the rumors could pose some truth. It could be possible some of the venues were closing early in the past, but if so then it was not to the extent where it was a hindrance for everyone.

Jeff Brown, the director of dining services on campus, addressed that there was an issue with Einsteins closing early for a few days. One reason for this is that Einstein’s is a national branch and the staff must be specially trained. Therefore, when an employee calls in sick there are not always other employees available to cover the position.

“We have also been extremely short staffed recently and that is another reason why these problems have been occurring,” said Brown. “So since that has happened we have hired and cross-trained multiple employees so we will have several people to call on who would be able to come and help us out to make sure that closing early does not happen moving forward.” Both Brown and Will Gilchrist, the retail manager, have taken action to prevent these issues from happening in the future.

Maria Jiminez (’20), one of the employees at Einstein’s, said “I have been working at Einstein’s since November and I think it is common knowledge that we used to close early, which is mainly because we were understaffed…as an employee it did not feel good turning people away and not providing for the students.” A rule was implemented to keep Einstein’s from closing early for the remained of the semester.

Moving forward, it looks like there will no longer be very many issues regarding dining options in the future as both staff and employees expressed that necessary actions have been implemented in order to prevent dining options from closing.

Photo taken by Mabry Busby (’22).

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