Homecoming returns to Queens

carnival at homecoming

The carnival came to Queens during the first week of February.

With the smell of buttery popcorn rising into the air and colorful blinking lights scattered around campus, there was no doubt that this year’s homecoming was an event one did not want to miss. The celebration brought together students, alumni and families for yet another year of school spirit.

Queen’s Campus Union Board, (C.U.B.), kicked off homecoming with a carnival-themed fair, complete with amusement rides such as a Ferris wheel, super slide, and mini-swing.

“I really think this event went way beyond anybody’s expectations,” said freshman Dilara Wali-Uddin about the opening event. “I know a lot of freshmen on campus didn’t plan on coming but kind of came spontaneously, and I think that the fact that the games [were] so big and great kind of spoke to why people wanted to come.”

Not to be outdone by the kickoff, there were plenty of events during the week that also took place, including, a Japanese Arcade Night in the Levine Center, a clown-and-zombie-themed escape room, sand-art, and a recreation of the popular MTV show “Wild ‘n Out,” hosted by the Black Student Union.

To finish out the week, the Queens women’s and men’s basketball teams played against the Tusculum Pioneers. The women lost 41 to 58 but the men’s won 97-88.  Finally, at halftime, the titles of this year’s homecoming king and queen were revealed, going to Genie Richards, ’19, and Pedro Oliveira, ’19, respectively.

For Richards, this homecoming was especially memorable. She’s not the only one in her family to have won the title, as her grandmother was also homecoming queen during her time at Queens. Her grandma won as well back when she was a student at Queens.

“Attending the same school as my grandma has made us very close, and this was one more thing to strengthen that bond,” said Richards. “I remember when I was a freshman and found all the old yearbooks they keep in Trexler. The first thing I did was look for my grandma’s picture. I knew she was really involved on campus, but I had no idea she was May Queen—what they used to call homecoming queen. I flipped the yearbook open and there she was in a huge ball gown and sparkly crown. I have always been proud of her, so it was awesome to see her honored like that.”

In all it was another successful year of homecoming festivities. Next winter C.U.B. will do it all again with a new theme and new activities. Students can only wait and see what it will be.

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