How seniors feel about graduation and their futures

queens athlete graduation“I think one of the things that Queens has to offer that a lot of other institutions don’t necessarily is the amount of strong women in leadership positions all across campus. I think this is something really special and something I have taken a lot from. In residence life there is Amber Perrel, Kayla George, Shamaria Washington… and all my professors, at least the ones that have been the most impactful are all women. There are really amazing women leaders, professors, clergy, just awesome badass ladies.”

“I think that is really special, especially now because women in this day and age are starting to come together and share their collective story. I think to be able to learn from women and see women in these roles teaches us what women are capable of doing and this is what we should aspire to. I don’t know if it will be the same when I get out in the real world. I don’t know if there will be as much women leadership as I am used to here, and that is something I know I will miss. From what I hear about the pay inequality, it is still kind of a boys’ world.”

-Genie Richards, interfaith studies and human services double major


“I am a first-generation student so I had no idea what to expect from college. My parents made it clear that I was only going to school to get a degree and emphasized that I focus on my academics and so that was my goal. However, because the college experience comes with so many things like meeting new friends, going out, exploring a whole new city, becoming involved on campus with organizations, there was a fifty-fifty split with what I wanted to do.”

“I grew because I had to decide what I wanted to focus on and what I wanted to be a part of. I am proud of becoming more connected to myself throughout this experience. I was really nervous coming to college and I did not do the wrong thing, so I found myself telling my mom and others about everything I was doing. Now I realize that it is okay to be myself and make my own decisions. This was something difficult for me that I had to figure out over the last four years. I am really proud of where I am, and how I have become independent and truly my own self.”

-Johanna Mercado, health sciences major


“I’m kinda ‘make everyday worth it,’ not waste any days. I’ve enjoyed my time here so I’m kind of sad I have to go, so I’m trying to make every day count. I’m not nervous about graduation itself, but afterwards. I’ve been applying to a lot of jobs relating to political science and mainly my majors, and it’s just waiting to hear back. I’ve applied to two grad schools, so it’s a lot of waiting. The wait is agonizing.”

“I’ve had a great time at Queens, Queens has taken me to many different places and I met a lot of amazing people. It’s taken me to five different countries: Guatemala, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland and South Africa. I’d like to think I’ve had some accomplishments here. I think something I’m proud of is getting into the Critical Thought Symposium, it’s like an academically selective class. It’s not a normal class, but it’s been really cool to be part of and learning new things.”

“Queens has been a community; all the people I’ve met, they would help me out if I ever needed it, and I like to think I would help them out.  In the future if I asked Queens for help, they would help me out. I hope to do something in politics, whether it be working for something like the State Department. I don’t think I’d want to run for office. Just a job where I could use my major and further build on those skills.”

-Noah Goldman, political science and interfaith studies double major


“A lot of people are intimidated by graduation because they don’t have a set future ahead of them. Although I haven’t heard from graduate schools, I’m really excited about getting to be an adult in the real world- ready to make decisions for myself, getting to pick a path that I want to do. Being a dentist, I knew that I had to go to undergraduate, and I’m very thankful I got to go to undergrad, but I’m now very excited that even if graduate school needs to be postponed a few years, I can go work as a dental assistant somewhere else, at an orthodontic firm. I have so many options, I made so many plan B’s, plan C’s, plan D’s, that even if things don’t go so great…I’m so excited to do what I’m able to do. I’m so excited I get to have so many choices with what I want to do.”

-Tyler Henthorn, biology major

Reported on by Mona Dougani and Izzy Harvey. Image courtesy of Queens University of Charlotte.

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