Athletic trainers for the win

kennel helping a studentPlaying a sport can be punishing on the body, and requires careful upkeep and attention of oneself to avoid injury. At Queens University of Charlotte, people like Caroline Kannel work tirelessly to ensure student-athletes remain fit and healthy.

“Sports teams that I work with here are men’s and women’s rugby and men’s wrestling, and it’s first-year experience with all three of those teams,” said Kannel. For more than a year, she has been a trainer for the Queens athletic faculty, treating and diagnosing athletes that have possible injuries. Her job entails medically assisting athletes by analyzing the trauma, determining a treatment, and including rehabilitation exercises to prepare them to return to their sport.

Through her experience as a retired collegiate athlete, Kannel creates an understanding and reassuring atmosphere for her players. “Caroline helps the team in so many ways,” said wrestler Devinaire Hayes. “She not only knows what she’s doing when it comes to being a trainer, but she knows how to interact well with us.”

Kannel spent many hours learning the logistics of the sports the athletes she trains play and understanding potential injuries that may come from them, displaying an athletic trainer’s commitment to being knowledgeable and assisting athletes as much as they can.

According to Adam Elberg, a writer from US News and World, “…46.5 million children play team sports each year in the U.S., and about every 25 seconds, a young athlete visits a hospital emergency room for a sports-related injury.” Trainers not only help athletes with injuries, but they come up with exercises and drills to prevent future problems.

Athletic trainers play a vital role in an injured athlete’s process to recovery. The knowledge of an athletic trainer is versatile, especially, for those who handle multiple sports teams. Kannel has significantly helped treat and prevent many injuries among Queens athletes. An athletic trainer’s involvement in an athlete’s life helps can help the student perform at their maximum potential.

Written by Chloe Rosario and Debora Tessou.

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