Queens continues work on new residence hall

northwest dormNext fall, roughly 122 students will move into a new residence hall located between Hayes and Belk, prospectively called Northwest. The team in charge of building the new residence hall is hard at work. “It is currently on track to be opened right before move in for the fall of 2019, so it is right on schedule,” said Kayla George, director of Residence Life and Housing.

There is much anticipation among students regarding what the dorm is going to look like. “The new residence hall is actually designed to look a lot like Wireman,” said George. “It’s going to [have] four floors, it’s going to be very similar to Wireman in terms of the size, the brick, and all of the exterior features.”

Troy Luttman, the campus architect, said Northwest will “blend and harmonize with our other existing architecture, so it’s Georgian style.” The dorm is said to be standard, with contemporary furniture, carpeted corridors and vinyl flooring on the inside. It will also house study rooms.

As well as sharing distinct similarities to Wireman, Northwest’s suites will reflect those in Hayes, the oldest dorm on campus. “It’s interesting, 106 years later, and we’re still building the same model,” said Luttman.

The final name of the dorm is unclear.  “The name Northwest was given as a place card name holder for the building,” said George. She mentioned that students have not been particularly fond of this name for several reasons and that there is an option for students to pitch another name through the Student Government Association.

Though its name is still pending, the new residence hall will be standing tall in the place of Schultz come the fall 2019 semester.

Written by Mona Dougani and Izzy Harvey.

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