Column: Thanksgiving for an international student

portrayal of an international student during ThanksgivingThanksgiving is one of the biggest celebrations of the year in the United States, what with the excessive food, family gathering, and general happy times, but it can be be a difficult time for international students,

The holiday is associated with family and friends and creating special memories, yet international students are so far away from their loved ones. It is not a worldwide celebration, so where do these students go during this period and what do they do? Elis Lewis, ’22, from Wales, said he is “going to Washington DC with the rest of the golf team because our season has just finished. We are just going for a holiday, really.” I get the feeling that Thanksgiving might just be an excuse for a party and holiday for some internationals.

Yet, some of the athletes I spoke to have been invited by fellow teammates who live in America to spend this special time with their respective families. For example, Simon Xiong, ’21, from China, is going to her tennis teammate’s house in Virginia.

For some, this is just a way to get excited about another holiday right around the corner. Yoan Roussinov, ’22, from England, said he is “looking forward to going home at Christmas, as this celebration is bringing back old memories of home and making me miss my friends.” Lucy Walliker, ’22, also from England, share’s his sentiments, and stated she “misses England, family and spending times with my friends. The American humor just isn’t the same as back home.”

It is important we as a community are sympathetic and look out for our international friends during this celebratory period. So, this thanksgiving, be sure take friends to your home if they do not have one to go to, and get your fat pants ready!

Art by Caroline Jumper, ’21.

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