Lunch and Dinner Menu, Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya
Cheddar Grits
Braised Greens
Roasted Vegetable Medley
Churrasco Pork
Vegetable Paella
Orange, Ancho Chile Chayote
Quinoa and Lentil Salad
Grilled Chili Lime Chicken Burrito
Fried Chicken Sandwich
White Bean and Kale Stew
Steamed Broccoli
Corn Muffin


Italian Sausage with Peppers
Baked Ziti
Brussel Sprout, Tomato Barley
Roasted Eggplant
Garlic Breadstick
New Orleans Red Beans
Garlicky Chickpea Salad
Pork Potsticker
Vegetable Spring Roll
Vegetarian Egg Roll
Fried Chicken Sandwich
Portobello and White Bean Ragout
Steamed Green Beans

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