Queens loses power amidst Tropical Storm Michael

tree down behind BarnhardtAt 1:11pm on Thursday, October 11, the power went out across the campus of Queens University of Charlotte. This occurred concurrently with Tropical Storm Michael crossing over the city of Charlotte.

Though the exact cause of the power loss is unclear, a tree went down behind Barnhardt, taking the block’s accompanying power line with it (image above). Other visible impacts across campus thus far include significant water damage to the ground and several branches, large and small, knocked from their trees.

Amber Perrell contacted students Wednesday to advise them that Queens was monitoring Micheal and to seek shelter in the event of a power loss. Travel around campus and through the halls and stairways of buildings was not advised due to potential work on emergency lighting.

Wireman, Trexler and the Levine Center all boast backup generators.

Micheal initially started off as a category four hurricane, slamming into Florida’s gulf coast before moving its way up the southern United States. By the time it hit Charlotte, it had been downgraded to a tropical storm. Projections called for three to five inches of rain and up to 40 miles-per-hour winds.

Queens did not cancel class before Thursday and no official word has been sent out since Perrell’s message and an accompanying Q-Alert on Wednesday evening. Stay tuned for more details.

UPDATE: 2:06pm – At 2pm, Queens closed for official business and cancelled the remaining classes for Thursday. Barnhardt residents have been evacuated to the Levine Center.

UPDATE: 5:37pm – Power has been restored across campus. An intended evacuation has been suspended.

Below, some of the small impacts caused by tropical storm Michael.

bike blown off of stand

fallen branches

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