[#ThrowbackThursday] Cypress Gardens, 1959

2017 Photograph: Peeking by Julia Debski

(Poem from 1959 edition of Logos [former name for Signet])

Do not look down

Or drown, drown
Tangled in a gray-green hair
Strangled in thick air.
In a dark sleep

Drift; drift deep
As deep
As trees lift high
Into that deepest sky
Locked in

Do not look down
Into that black mirror
Or drown, drown
Like those fantastic petals fiery in
Polished obsidian
Clouded with gray and green
Tangle of lead and moss.

Do not listen to the drowsy voices
Of the enchanted birds
That haunt these waters
Or the slow-spoken words
That ghostly voices
Chant from the lost depths of these black waters.

Flower-bright eyes
And your white-flower face
Will float like living petals there
Deep in black glass
And your black hair
Twist with the gray-green tendrils of the moss.

Drift down
Enchanted sleeper

Do not look down.


2017 Photograph: Peeking by Julia Debski

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