{Writing Prompts}

2018 Painting: The Flats by Lauren CassidyApply to either prose and/or poetry, and let your imagination steer in any direction…

First lines hooks:

  • I made it inside the house, what now?
  • I wanted to tell him I loved him, one last time.
  • The pencil was not worth stealing.
  • “Interesting, the crystals appear to be growing inside the tissue.”

Significant objects:

  • Handkerchief: mysterious red stain, initials G.H. embroidered on one of the corners, abandoned in a gutter.
  • Rose petal: shriveled up, laying on the ground on a dirty public bathroom. Who was it left for?

Scenes to build from:

  • Art museum at night. Scary shadows, ominous sounds, windows looking out into stormy night. The janitor is missing.

What ifs:

  • What if the sun turned off?
  • What if you were the last person on earth?
  • What if you grew a face out of your stomach?
  • What if stupidity was contagious?
  • What if goldfish were mythical creatures?

2018 Painting: The Flats by Lauren Cassidy

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