Meeting on parking changes for next fall leaves students confused

The Student Government Association held a town hall meeting last Wednesday to help clear up questions about changes in parking and housing, but students who came appeared only more confused as they left.

The Town Hall featured the Dean of Students, John Downey, Assistant Vice President of Campus Police and Public Safety, Ray Thrower, and the Director and Associate Dean of Students and Residence Life, Edward Young and Amber Perrell.

As the meeting opened, Thrower went over details on the new parking fees and a new registration system. Questions asked centered on the effect, if any, fees would have on tuition and the general fee, and what factors were taken into consideration to determine the $200 per semester fee.

When a student asked questions about fees and who determined what to charge, Thrower deferred to SGA sophomore class president, Renee Brozowski. SGA members had a meeting with university CFO, Matt Packey, late last week about the details on parking fees.

Brozowski said she was told that the collected fees would go back into the university’s general fund and that only those who decide to bring cars will pay an additional fee.

However, at other points in the discussion, others were not clear when asked whether or not tuition was going up in the fall.

The panel was asked if the university would provide transportation for students since the University is discouraging cars. Dean Downey replied that Queens has tried shuttles in the past, and students didn’t use them.

A student asked if Queens could establish a wait list for applicants, or be more selective in who is accepted, to help alleviate the housing and parking shortage. Jennifer Johnson, vice president of admissions and marketing, said that their research suggested that such changes were not needed right now.

The discussion left students like Chiomara Ngene confused.

“There were a bunch of differences in what they were saying, and they never really clarified,” said Ngnene.

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