Short Story written during the Arts Salon

2018 Photograph: Negative Space by Julia Debski

This is a short story produced by Signet staff during the Arts Salon event on Sunday, March 18th. Those attendees willing to participate in Signet’s “Exquisite Corpse” exercise wrote the following story (Exquisite Corpse works by starting with an opening line and having each participant write the next line of the story, having only the context of the one line previous to theirs.)


I don’t have time for this. I have to overthrow the government.

The government is doing nothing to prevent the chipmunks from eating power lines.

So the Avengers took matters into their own hands.

But, there was a lot of time… too much of it.

And they still managed to be late.

But they just had to make it, for he was playing

classical contemporary music that was inviting to everyone.

The round of airwaves dancing in its wake

made the fan roar as the heat of the summer sun dragged on.

He was scared by the large tiger running towards him.

But then he remembered the can of tuna fish in his knapsack! Perhaps this could save him.

It would be all he had to eat that evening, but his cat was alone in the apartment too with the empty pantry, waiting to be fed.

He poured his food into the dish below.

But it was poisoned and they both died.

What was it? What is it? The arsenic?


2018 Photograph: Negative Space by Julia Debski

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