Queens Upperclassman Lottery 101

Written by Stephanie Bunao and Itzel Garcia Ruiz.

With the University predicting another record breaking class size this fall, housing options have expanded, and the annual Room Selection Process is about to kick off. With all new options next year, here is some helpful information to make the decision easier for you.

1. What You’re Signing up for:

Queens has a 3-year residency which requires students to live on campus for three years. However, with the future lack of adequate housing available for students, now juniors can opt to be released from that requirement.

If you want to live off campus, you will enter a lottery. Students will have the chance of submitting a lottery application between March 12th – March 22nd.

2. Eligibility for the Junior Lottery

To be eligible for the off-campus lottery, students must have at least 52 credit hours at the end of the spring semester. This will include current classes you’re taking right now and your previously completed hours. To find how many credit hours you have completed, log into MyAccount, and click on “My Degree Process” on the right-hand side. There you will see “credits earned”. See below on web and above on mobile.

Screenshot showing where to find "credits earned" in MyAccount

3. Options for Rising Juniors

As a junior, you have the option to enter the lottery to live off campus.

Please make note that juniors who sign up for the lottery and are NOT selected to move off campus are still required to live on campus. They can squat their room March 28th or make a regular room selection with their class on April 3rd.

Those who are selected by the lottery to live off campus will not participate in room selection until all other students make room selections (April 11th). They will not pick their rooms with their class.

If you know who you want to live with, put the names of that person(s) on the Junior Lottery Request form and if one is chosen for off campus housing, then the persons on the form are included. It’ll be a package deal.

Here are the different types of rooms available when you opt to live on campus.

· Wireman Singles, Doubles and Triples

· Byrum Singles and Doubles

· Hayes Doubles-There will be 24 beds reserved for upperclassman in the Honors Program

· Barnhardt 3rd Floor Doubles or 1st Floor Triples and Quads

· HBO 1st Floor Suites (3 per room, 6 per suite)

· HBO 1st Floor Triple, Quad, Quint

· HBO 2nd Floor Doubles and Triples

4. Options for Rising Seniors

Senior year is stressful enough, but don’t worry (too much) because we’re breaking down the options for rising seniors for housing next year. Rising seniors who intend to live on campus next year must submit a housing request form, which is available between March 12th and March 22nd. That being said, if juniors DO NOT opt out in the “lottery”, senior spots will be limited and the threat of being kicked off campus will emerge. On the senior housing request form, make sure you list any special circumstances to be taken into consideration such as scholarships, or financial need.

Your on-campus room options will be the same as juniors with the rooms mentioned above.

5. Financial Aid

Before you make any final decisions on whether to live off or on campus next year, consider the impact that your decision can have on your financial aid. Students have varying financial aid packages. This includes need-based aid dependent on your cost-of-attendance. This cost may go down if room and board are no longer part of your package. If cost-of-attendance goes down, then your need-based aid may also decrease.

It is best to consult your financial aid advisor, so head over to Jernigan building before you make your decision. Amber Perrell, Associate Dean of Students, says Student Financial Services is working to balance packages as not to discourage juniors or seniors from living off campus. However, all financial cases vary, and there are some exceptions for those who have scholarships requiring them to live on campus, so check first and then decide.

Graph showing the costs of different dorms on the Queens campus

6. Exceptions

Athletes, Presidential Scholars, and those with specific financial concerns or approved special needs will have the opportunity to designate these special considerations will be considered by Residence Life and Housing.

7. Room Processing Scenarios

Junior Scenario

Say Sally and Ellie, two juniors and roommates choose to opt into the junior lottery sometime between March 12 and March 21. On March 26, Sally and Ellie were told they were approved to live off campus since they noted on their application they want to live together.

However, they both want a back-up option in case they can’t find a good apartment. They will have to wait until all other students choose their rooms.

Senior Scenario

Let’s imagine Danny, a senior, forgot to submit his housing request form sometime between March 12th and March 22nd. Danny is now in deep water because Residence Life and Housing couldn’t get enough students to opt to live off campus. Danny is then not allowed to stay on Queens campus and is forced to live off campus. He’ll have five months to figure out where to live.

8. Schedule

The Residence, Life, and Housing Department will email the junior lottery application and the senior housing request form out to students.

To make this less confusing, it’s important to note that during room selection, all students will be able to complete their housing contracts and make their housing preferences on the day that aligns with their current classification as early as 12:01am on the specified date and must be completed by 11:59 pm at the latest. Here are the dates for your corresponding application(s):

Junior Off Campus & Senior On Campus Lottery

Juniors can opt out of living on campus and seniors can opt in to live on campus.

Applications available for submission March 12th – 22nd.

Decisions announced March 26th by 5pm.


If you wish to stay in your current room for next year, make sure that your roommates also choose to squat or find others who want to squat in that preferred room. To squat a room or suite, it must be completely filled.

Applications must be completely on March 28th ONLY.

Decisions announced March 29th at 5pm.

Room Selections for Current Seniors & Juniors

If seniors and juniors got approved to live on campus next year, including those not selected for off campus housing through the lottery, this is when you would get to choose your rooming situation for next year.

Housing Contracts and preferences must be completed on April 3rd ONLY.

Decisions announced April 4th at 5pm.

Room Selections for Current Sophomores

Housing Contracts and preferences must be completed on April 5th ONLY.

Decisions Announced April 6th at 5pm.

Room Selections for Current Freshman

Housing Contracts and preferences must be completed on April 8th ONLY.

Decisions announced April 9th at 5pm.

Room Selections for yet Unassigned Students

If you missed out on applying for any rooming preference, here’s the chance.

All final housing contracts and preferences must be completed by April 10th ONLY.

Decisions are announced April 11th at 5pm.

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