New doctor makes her mark at Queens quickly

It is not unusual for students to feel nervous during their first doctor visit at Queens. The thought of visiting a physician for the first time can be unsettling. After spending five minutes with Dr. Jill McLoughlin, however, students find they have nothing to worry about.

Dr. McLoughlin has over thirty years of medical experience and has been treating students at Queens since August of 2017. Before coming to Queens, she was a full-time physician at Reproductive Endocrinology Associates of Charlotte, and was selected as a top doctor in Charlotte by the International Association of Internists.

Dr. Jill McLoughlin

Jill Perry, assistant dean of the Health and Wellness Center, said that last year Queens had an opening for a physician for the first time in twelve years. Their search was over when Dr. McLoughlin was willing to come out of retirement to join the team part-time. “I missed my patient’s contact,” said Dr. McLoughlin.

According to Perry, the Health and Wellness center uses an integrated model, meaning they treat mind and body when caring for students at Queens. This approach attracted the support of Dr. McLoughlin and her view on treating patients.

Dr. McLoughlin pursues a unique educational approach when treating students. “Students are learning to be their own self-care advocates,” said Dr. McLoughlin.

Perry added, “Every part of her visit involves some information and education for the student.”

While treating and caring for students Dr. McLoughlin hopes to not only cure but also provide support. “I hope that I am someone they find very open,” and that they feel free to express their concerns, said Dr. McLoughlin.

Dr. McLoughlin endorses the holistic approach the Health and Wellness Center uses to treat students at Queens.

“I love doing this,” said Dr. McLoughlin. “I have learned so much from the students and staff and have totally enjoyed my experience thus far.”

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