{Writing Prompts}

2017 Photograph: July, by Ally Bush

Apply to either prose and/or poetry, and let your imagination steer in any direction…

First line hooks:

  • “If I tell you something, will you promise not to tell anyone?”
  • I had to believe in fate, for if I didn’t, there is no chance I would’ve crossed paths with ________.
  • He watched, helpless, as she closed the door behind her.
  • There was an old legend about the well in the garden.

Significant objects:

  • An agenda: floral in pattern and filled with color coded dates and times. Meticulously organized, complete with folded notes and lists. It is missing from its owner. Who is the owner? Who has it now? How did it get lost? What is happening with it now?
  • An armchair: leather and worn, well used and sinking in the center. It is the only piece of furniture in an otherwise empty room. What is so special about it? Who does it belong to? What happened in that chair (or room)?

Scenes to build from:

  • A coffee shop, nearing closing hour. Chairs are stacked on top of the table, floors swept, left over bakery items thrown out. One armchair in the back is still occupied, coffee in the paper cup long gone cold. Your character is behind the barista bar, watching the last customer with curious eyes.

2017 Photograph: July, by Ally Bush

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