[#ThrowbackThursday] Unfinished, 1992

2017 Sculpture: The Mind's Eye by Danielle Knox

(Poem from the 1992 edition of Signet Literary Magazine)

Michelangelo didn’t finish the job,
left the hunk of marble half-defined
with only the hint of a figure, an elbow,
a chin, and a knee pushing
the stone as though elastic,
poised to emerge from the rock
like a goddess from the brow of her father,

like our bodies
in this tangled shroud of bedsheets,
the ghosts of an arm and a shoulder
and a thigh forming and then collapsing
beneath the thin ivory fabric

but we could never be marble, never
the unblemished smooth lines of sculpture,
never even hold the silent grace
of St. Matthew patiently waiting for the chisel
to give him life, a fertilized egg
with a five hundred year gestation.

No, we could never be marble
with our sweat drying on limbs
cast at satisfied angled on the bed —

We are a charcoal sketch
by an unknown artis, a cartoon
for a larger work, expressing
little of the Art’s form
but all of the Artist’s passion.

2017 Sculpture: The Mind’s Eye by Danielle Knox

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