Jasmin Singh takes leadership on and off the field

Jasmin Singh poses with Queen alum Sue Ross.Jasmin Singh

Jasmin Singh (left) poses with Queen alum Sue Ross (right) at the Royal Society Dinner.

Jasmin Singh began her freshman year at Queens playing soccer. Now a senior, she’s a lacrosse star, honor society president, and is looking to continue her studies overseas after she graduates.

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Singh found herself in Charlotte because she liked the location and size of Queens. She is an international business major with a minor in French who is planning to get her masters after she graduates. She hopes that she will be studying in London, Switzerland or France.

While she is considering a return to Charlotte after she finishes her studies, her ideal place to live as someone engrossed in the world of politics would be Washington D.C. Singh is the president of the Political Science Honor Society and is a member of Call to Action. She attended the women’s march last spring to fight for women’s right, and she often finds herself involved in other political debates around the Charlotte area.

Singh did not enter college knowing she wanted to immerse herself in politics and international studies. “I think I decided to take action after a sort of ‘ah ha’ moment with of of my professors after class. I broke down in tears with Professor Amy Doughten after a long class discussion about the Armenian Genocide,” she said. “I expressed to her that I see problems in this world and feel as though I can’t help. I was looking for direct ways to apply myself. After that conversation, I knew I wanted to go into a career in public service.”

Her passion in the political realm was not the only thing that changed after Singh began her studies at Queens. Already a member of the Queens soccer team, she walked onto the lacrosse team freshman year. She faced the daunting task of managing her schedule as a two-sport athlete and succeeded. She has been the captain of the lacrosse team for two consecutive seasons and was captain of the soccer team in her junior year. Singh couldn’t imagine doing anything different. “Being an athlete has defined who I am for as long as I can remember,” she said.

At 21, Singh has taken on more tasks than most college students would. As she laces up her cleats for her final semester at Queens, she will march not only onto the lacrosse and soccer field, but out into the field of politics and social justice.

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