New librarian Brian Trippodo flips the cliche

Brian Trippodo is a new face in Everett Library this year. He’s not the archetypal librarian from countless situation comedies about the high school experience — the old-fashioned grumpy, sour-faced rule-stickling kind. Trippodo flips that cliche.

For one thing, how many beer-brewing-enthusiast librarians have you met?

As soon as you enter the Queens library, there’s silence. But walk up to the front desk and cross paths with Trippodo, the new systems and electronic resources librarian, and his welcoming presence fills up the silent void.

Born and raised in Clinton Corners, New York, he graduated from Queens as a history and secondary education major. Trippodo can recall the defining moment that solidified his decision to choose Queens as his future home. “It’s casual, fun, and welcoming,” he recalls, describing the gratitude he felt when he saw a reserved parking spot for him on his initial campus visit.

His role as a work-study student in Everett Library provided him an opportunity to explore possible career paths. Uncertain about what path to follow, Trippodo found himself working at an elementary school. He revisited a career in the library, and eventually attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for his master’s degree in library and information science.

A few challenges have come up for Trippodo in his previous workplaces, and from these he has been able to learn how to come together with his coworkers to build a stronger team. He currently manages “a lot [of] behind the scenes” operations at Everett Library. Managing Queens’ online catalog is one of several tasks for Trippodo. He has also provided library instruction for classes in his short time at Queens. “I was impressed by how willing he was to jump in and assist the students,” said psychology professor Jennifer Samson,  after sitting in on one of his instruction sessions for her classes.

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