{Writing Prompts}

2017 Drawing: Fashion Never Dies by Lauren Cassidy

Apply to either prose and/or poetry, and let your imagination steer in any direction…

First line hooks:

  • Everyone swore the house was haunted.
  • The beast has awakened from its one-thousand year sleep.
  • Despite the growing fear bubbling in my stomach and filling my throat, I looked up at her. “Hey.”
  • It wasn’t my fault.

Significant objects:

  • A recycling bin: a green rectangular shape holds a white plastic bag tucked neatly around the lip. The only thing inside is a sketchbook. Who threw it out? What is inside the sketchbook?
  • A necklace: a polished sphere of amethyst, marbled with sapphire, no larger than the tip of a thumb, is hanging from a long golden chain. Who is wearing this necklace? Why is it important?
  • An old tee shirt: gray, faded writing crumpled, is forgotten at the bottom of a laundry basket. Who did it belong to? Who has it now?

Scenes to build from:

  • A dark room, lit by one overhead light bulb, hanging from the middle of the ceiling, illuminating an overturned, wooden chair. The edges of the room are cloaked in darkness, but leather cuffs, rotten and broken, can be seen underneath the upturned chair legs. Your character grips a weapon, and walks into the room.


2017 Drawing: Fashion Never Dies by Lauren Cassidy

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