Freshmen recall their first semester at Queens

David Griffith | The Queens Chronicle
Joe Hines and Drew Pollack found something greater than education during their first semester at Queens: each other.

The two freshmen met early on in the fall and became fast friends, both remarked on their gratitude to have gotten to know such great people.

Hines, a philosophy and political science major, said a high point of his semester was “getting to meet a bunch of new people and share parts of my life with them.” He threw Pollack a soft glance while verbalizing this.

Pollack, a finance major, echoed similar sentiments, remarking upon how he has been able to become acquainted with several new people, especially in his dorm. He hopes more people will look to interact with their peers around them next semester.

“Honestly, some people are kind of in their shells,” he said. “Hopefully after a full semester people are more willing to open up.”

Not everything was hunky dory for the boys however. In addition to a performance on his honors midterm that fell below his standards, Hines commented on his frustrations over the lack of available parking. He owns a car, but cannot have it on campus.

“I’ve been very hesitant to ask someone out, because if I do, I’d have to carry them,” he said.

Pollack agreed. “I have a car relatively close, but not having a parking space means I have to rely on others to take me places.”

Despite this, the boys felt their first semester in college had been a success, and are looking forward to next spring.

“In all honesty, college is easier than high school,” said Pollack. “Far less classes… and also there’s less busywork to do, because they hold us more accountable for our own time management and work ethic.”

Some freshmen may view their first semester in college as a daunting prospect. For Hines and Pollack, it was an opportunity to meet more people. Now they are off to tackle the remaining seven.

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