{Writing Prompts}

2017 Watercolor: Sub-Saharan Sweetheart by Lauren Cassidy

Apply to either prose and/or poetry, and let your imagination steer in any direction…

First line hooks:

  • He had waited five years to open the letter, another two to write a reply.
  • The attack was over in seconds.
  • I’ll never forget the first time I saw_____.
  • In a world where ____ was normal, I was the anomaly.

Significant objects:

  • A compact: sterling silver finish, well-worn and scratched in several places, is engraved on the backside in swirling cursive letters C.K. The mirror on the inside has been shattered. Who does the broken compact belong to? What happened?
  • A book: laying in the gutter of a neighborhood road, pages wet and wrinkled, and the cover is torn on the bottom corner. One page, towards the end of the book is dog eared. Why is it abandoned? What is on that page?

Scenes to build from:

  • A movie theater, packed full of people, some reclined back in the red clothed seats, others anxiously perched at the edges. The audience jumps at the screen so that scattered remains of popcorn kernels decorate the striped carpet. Your character feels something brush their leg.


2017 Watercolor: Sub-Saharan Sweetheart by Lauren Cassidy

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