Voters turn out Nov. 7 in the precinct near Queens

Myers Park precinct voting on Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017Rainy weather did not deter several individuals from venturing out on Tuesday, Nov. 7 to cast their vote in local Charlotte elections. People from every precinct trudged through less than ideal weather to several voting locations around Charlotte. One particular location was Myers Park Elementary School.

Everyone had their own reasons to vote. Zara Bahrani-Mostafavi, a Queens professor in the School of Arts and Sciences, believes that voting is everyone’s democratic duty. Mary Hawkins, 56, was concerned with schools in Myers Park and issues with the mayor.

The mayoral election was a hot topic. Standing outside the polling place for mayor candidate Kenny Smith was his own wife, Bridget Smith. She informed voters of her husband’s passion for fixing job issues, infrastructure and public safety. Smith is the Republican candidate, running against Vi Lyles, Democrat.

“My husband wants to restore trust back into the police,” said B. Smith.

Ada Nicolay was also concerned with the police, saying, “We want a safe city for everyone.” Nicolay, a member of the Meck GOP club for over 20 years, also expressed concerns with taxation, government efficiency, and Charlotte’s business profile.

Other significant positions of interest were Charlotte City Council and Board of Education.

One of the candidates for Charlotte City Council was Parker Cains, 32. Cains’ platform included economic development, small businesses, and restoring public trust. “I like the idea of shaping a growing city,” he said.

Regardless of one’s reason for voting, the results of today’s elections could shape the city for years to come.

This story was reported by Juliana Amos, Karely Avila, Lauren Beste, Tommy Bobbitt, Jayda Brown, David Griffith, Victoria Palma, Andrew Puckett, and Katinka Vaag Prestoey. Written by David Griffith and Victoria Palma.

Photograph of voting in Myers Park precinct on Tuesday, Nov. 7, by Drew Puckett.

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