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The Center for Spiritual Life on campus is welcoming the Interfaith Leadership Council to its first year at Queens by celebrating with Interfaith week. Hannah Trawick and Joey Haynes from Spiritual Life are helping to organize Interfaith week and kindly provide information and guidance for spiritual students.

Interfaith week, which lasts April 3-7, “is a time to celebrate religious diversity on campus and in our world,” according to Trawick. The Queens’ student body is composed of individuals from across the world, which enables students to develop a passion for differences amongst their peers. As one student put it, this is called, “popping the Queens bubble.”

“The purpose of the Leadership Council is to expand the reach of Spiritual Life on campus and ensure that voices from a range of religions are heard and supported,” said Trawick. The Interfaith Leadership Council representatives are here to protect the concerns of all religions on campus.

For those who are passionate about spirituality, the Interfaith Leadership Council invites students to get involved with the organization of Spiritual Life events by volunteering. “The Interfaith Leadership Council, which is aided by volunteering students, wants to implement ideas in its events that are suggested by students during planning,” said Haynes.

Through this activity, students can learn more about their own religion by celebrating the religions of others and among the many other beneficial experiences to take advantage of while at Queens, Interfaith week is a great time and place to begin exploring your own faith while interacting with students from other religious backgrounds.

“Christian representatives from a range of protestant denominations welcome Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, and Hindu students to [practice safely and equally] by having representatives from these faiths on the council,” said Trawick.  The council provides students of all worldviews with a safe place on campus, and invites students to stop by Morrison 202 on Wednesday mornings from 9-10:30am.

Belk Chapel under renovations.Jason King | The Queens Chronicle

The introduction of the Interfaith Leadership Council comes at a time of renovations for Belk Chapel.

At these open meetings in Morrison, students can enjoy free coffee, croissants, friendship, and fellowship with students from all religions and majors.

Trawick and Haynes are points of contact open for all students to engage with; they encourage students to connect with them.

The Interfaith Leadership Council is taking advantage of renovations to Belk Chapel as the additional space will provide a safe place for students of all worldviews to worship and pray on campus.

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