Coach Lundy speaks of hot start by Royals

Todd Withers goes for a layup in a Queens victory over Lenior-Rhyne.Queens Athletics

Todd Withers goes for a layup in a Queens victory over Lenior-Rhyne.

For those who haven’t heard, Queens men’s basketball is the real deal this season. After starting the season winning their first 16 games and making it to a number three ranking in Division II, the team has gained the attention of the campus and beyond.

Head Coach Bart Lundy says that the early success of the basketball team has been very good for the players as it has validated the work they have put in since before the season began. He also speaks of the good it has done for the program and the university as the basketball team has earned some national attention.

Part of the winning streak was a victory at home in overtime against Lincoln Memorial University. Last year’s season started similarly, but Lincoln Memorial ended the winning streak. That loss was their first of three to LMU, including one that ended the Royals’ season. Lundy’s squad had the LMU game on the scheduled circled since the start of the season.

“We always looked at the game as the game we had to overcome,” said Lundy.  With Lincoln Memorial being the perennial champions of the SAC, Lundy compares beating them to busting down the dam.

Lundy believes the team’s success comes from their closeness to each other. He says they are very unselfish and uses the variety of leading scorers from game to game as evidence.

Lundy says the team confidence remains high, even after losing their first game of the season to Wingate. A lot of that confidence comes from the previously mentioned work the team has put in. He believes that it is important this time in the season to maintain focus, never letting the team get too high or too low.

Lundy does not believe a lapse in focus caused his team to lose to Wingate, however. The Royals took their first loss of the season last Wednesday, January 18, at home to the rival Wingate Bulldogs. While Lundy doesn’t want to make excuses, he believes his team was tired after playing three games the week before, including their overtime thriller over Lincoln Memorial.

Regardless of the reason, there was a feeling that Queens didn’t play as normal against Wingate. “We weren’t us that night and we didn’t play the right way,” said Lundy, referring to a lack of intensity on defense and poor ball movement. “The overall sentiment was that we were not us.”

Putting the loss behind him, Lundy is looking forward to the rest of the season. He loves the team, and while he doesn’t want to put any numbers on it, he feels pretty good about how the team will end the season.

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