Queens will allow seniors to wear decorated caps, stoles

Queens University announced April 21 that it has revised the policy for graduation attire. The policy states that the university “will allow regalia that is representative of both academic and non-academic endeavors if they are part of a national organization that offers cords and stoles for sale to students.”

In addition to non-academic cords and stoles, students will be permitted to decorate their caps. The policy still restricts “homemade, non-recognized apparel” and caps decorations that are “distracting” or “disrespectful.”

The change in policy was sent out to seniors via email and came less than a month after senior Brieauna Lee posted a petition in the Official Queens University of Charlotte Class of 2016 Facebook page.

Lee, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority at Queens, wanted herself and fellow Greek students to be able to wear Greek and other extracurricular stoles at commencement. “

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“I wanted for all the organizations on campus to be able to represent themselves at graduation,” she said. “I think Queens stresses students to be well-rounded and involved on campus so we should have the opportunity to wear our accomplishments at the end of four years.”

Lee also included the decorating of caps in her petition.

She said that “people decorate caps to show what means the most to them and it’s a great way for students to express themselves and show their creativity.”

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Lee plans to wear her stoles for Alpha Kappa Alpha and plans to meet with the Diversity & Inclusion Office to see if there is money in the budget for stoles for minority graduates.

“I didn’t realize how much this meant to so many people,” she said. “I’m happy that I was able to do this for my class and I’m happy that so many people are thankful.”

The revised policy is in place for this year’s commencement but is subject in the future to slight revision by the university. For now, students can look forward to proudly showing off and celebrating all their accomplishments at commencement on May 7.

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