‘Hanging out’ at Queens just got easier

It is common to see a few hammocks hanging off trees on a nice, warm day in the residential quad. Students can now expect to see even more, as four new posts were constructed over spring break to create the Queens Hammock Village.

The village is the result of collaboration between Queens’ Student Government Association and Associate Vice President of Design and Construction Troy Luttman to give people more space to hammock outdoors.

Queens' Student Government Association teamed up with Associate Vice President of Design and Construction Troy Luttman to build the Queens Hammock Village. Eliza Wireback | The Queens Chronicle

Queens’ Student Government Association teamed up with Associate Vice President of Design and Construction Troy Luttman to build the Queens Hammock Village.

SGA President Campbell Corder, a senior finance major from Austin, Texas, has been pushing senators in student government this year to work alongside the administration on projects, with the goal of building positive relationships between staff and student, he said.

This year, the SGA’s campus improvement committee joined up with Luttman and began creating the hammock village.

Nikki Hoff, a senior accounting major from Cary, North Carolina and a campus improvement committee member, worked closely with Luttman on the day-to-day details of the project.

“In early February we walked around with Troy and he brought little flags and we estimated kind of where we thought we might fit maximum hammocks to the posts,” Hoff said.

After a lot of marking, measuring and re-marking, the posts were ready to be put up.

“He [Luttman] went back out over spring break to make sure the hammocks would actually reach…It was pretty involved,” she said.

The posts themselves are pretty involved too, each one being 8 feet tall, 8 inches wide, and buried about 3 feet in the ground. Anchored by poured concrete, the posts are, as Huff says, “Full proof. They aren’t going to fall or break.”

 Each post costs about $600 each, $2,400 in total, which came out of a budget the SGA dedicates to campus improvements. The items purchased through this budget — such as, in the past, tables outside of the coffee house and rocking chairs  in front of Trexler Student Center — are meant to add to student life.


“These are some luxuries that we think students would like, but can’t be justified in the Queens budget, especially when money is tight,” Corder said. “But we have the opportunity to spend that money.”

The posts are equipped with two or three hooks and screws each, which hammocks can hang from. Within the next few days, all four will be stained and the tops painted with Queens’ school colors.

Placed in the residential quad amongst the trees, the posts are ready to be used by students. For those who may not have their own hammock, Queens has got it covered.

“What I think a lot of people don’t know is that the Levine Center has hammocks to check out,” Hoff said, “about a dozen for a three hour limit.”

In honor of the new Queens Hammock Village, the SGA has set up a hammock event Monday, April 4 starting at 4:30 p.m. in the residential quad. Those who come have the opportunity to win an Eno Hammock raffle and be part of a group picture.

Students are encouraged to bring hammocks and picnics for a casual evening. The hammocks from the Levine Center will also be there for those who are new to hammocking. SGA hopes to make this kind of evening an annual event for students to enjoy.

As the school year comes to a close and stress from final projects and papers increases, it can be tempting to stay in bed and re-watch that show for the fourth time, but students like Corder and Hoff are working hard to give students other options.

“It’s part of an overall initiative by the entire school to get people out of their dorms, get them off of Netflix, and get them to hang out outside,” said Corder. “[The hammock village] is an effort to bring people out and to build that community. We have such a beautiful campus. Why not spend the nice days outside?”

It is worth mentioning that SGA has pushed to get the Wi-Fi signal out across the campus, including outdoors, meaning “Netflix and hammocks” can be done. But after lying outside in the beautiful spring weather, students just might find that they don’t miss it.

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