Men’s basketball coach Bart Lundy talks transfers

Queens’ men’s basketball team has had a good start to their season, with a 16- 2 SAC record and a 22-2 overall record.  This has come in large part from the team’s mixed roster of traditionally recruited students, transfer students and students from two-year colleges.

Of the 800 transfers to play Division I men’s basketball last year, 275 went to Division II schools.  Queens, of course, was one of those Division II schools to benefit from Division I transfers.

According to the admissions department, Queens currently has 210 transfer students and averages between 95 and 120 new transfer students each year.

Queens men’s basketball coach Bart Lundy said the Queens basketball team has four transfer players on the roster. Several of these players lead the team from the starting lineup, including Sean Morgan and Rob Lewis.


Queens mens basketball coach Bart Lundy (third from right) sits on the bench at a Queens mens basketball game. Photo courtesy of Queens Athletics

Queens men’s basketball coach Bart Lundy (fourth from left) sits on the bench at a Queens mens basketball game.

“In today’s college atmosphere, there are more transfer students,” said Lundy, “not only in the realm of athletics.”

But Lundy believes that the roster at Queens will always be made up of students predominantly recruited straight from high school.

A prospective transfer student-athlete must be released from their current school before they can begin their search for the best fit, not only athletically, but academically as well.

While Coach Lundy doesn’t particularly look for transfer students, he said if a transfer chooses the Royals then “it’s a chance for them to have a success story at Queens.”

Lundy likes balancing the roster in positions, classes and backgrounds, believing that balance in all areas gives the team a better chance to work and get along, he said. He feels the diverse backgrounds and experiences that come with the roster arriving at Queens from so many different places only adds to the team, Lundy added.

Despite the team’s success this season, you won’t get any big predictions for the end of the season out of them. Coach Lundy said he and the team don’t like to talk about how many games they’ll win or anything like that. He prefers working hard each day and watching their progress throughout the season.

“We believe if you’re committed to the process, great things happen,” he said.

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