Queens students give their Panthers gameday plans

The Queens Chronicle asked students about everything from their favorite football team to where they’re going to catch this Sunday’s Carolina Panthers game.

Keyidra HustenQueens Chronicle Staff

Keyidra Houston

Name: Keyidra Houston

Year: Junior

Major: Interior architecture and design

Panthers fan? Yes, “I used to live in Arizona, but I am a fan of the Panthers.”

Gameday plans: Hang out in friend’s room and watch the Panthers/Cardinals game “because it’s free and I’m slightly lazy.”


Mia BaringerQueens Chronicle Staff

Mia Baringer

Name: Mia Baringer

Year: Junior

Major: Biology

Panthers fan? No.

On whether she’ll watch any of the games this weekend: “My team was eliminated last week, the Minnesota Vikings, so now I’m not watching any more football.”

Matt Current Queens Chronicle Staff

Matt Current

Name: Matt Current

Year: Junior

Major: Business administration

Panthers fan? “I am, since I was born in Charlotte”

On what he likes to do when he watches Panthers games: “Definitely get some food and have a beer”

Sydney MichelinQueens Chronicle Staff

Sydney Michelin

Name: Sydney Michelin

Year: Junior

Major: Exercise and sports science

Panthers fan? No, Michelin is a Broncos fan but still plans on watching the Panthers/Cardinals game this weekend (as well as the Broncos/Patriots game).

On where she normally goes to watch games: “We’ll either go watch it at a sports bar or stay on campus and watch it in the lobby [of a dorm]. 

This weekend, though, Michelin plans to go uptown and tailgate with friends.

Page HughesQueens Chronicle Staff

Page Hughes

Name: Paige Hughes

Year: Freshman

Major: Business administration

Panthers fan? Yes.

On what she’s doing for the Panthers/Cardinals game: “I’m working the parking lot for the game, and then I’m going to watch it at a restaurant down there” with friends. 

Sam LamayQueens Chronicle Staff

Sam Lamay

Name: Sam Lamay

Year: Senior

Major: Accounting

Panthers fan? No, Patriots fan.

On where he’ll watch the Broncos/Patriots game: “Probably at a local bar… some kind of pub in this area, preferably one that’s not exclusively a Panthers bar.” 


Mitchell HerwoodQueens Chronicle Staff

Mitchell Harwood

Name: Mitchell Harwood

Year: Freshman

Major: Business

Panthers fan: Yes, his family has season tickets.

On whether he would go to a Panthers watch party at Queens if one was held: “Yeah, definitely, because I don’t really know that many people on campus, so I’d like to meet new people, too, so that’d be cool.”

Asked if they also liked the idea of a Panthers watch party at Queens, several other of the Queens Panthers fans interviewed said they would.

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