Suspicious person at Queens fit parole officers’ description

The suspicious person described in an early Tuesday evening QAlert to Queens students fit the description of a man state parole officers were seeking, said Assistant Vice President for Campus Safety and Security Ray Thrower.

“After the individual was seen, we received an inquiry from state parole officers about a person they were seeking that could have been this same person,” Thrower said. “But that is not confirmed.”

The QAlert described the suspicious person as a white male, somewhere between 5-foot-2 and 5-foot- 5, in his late 50s or early 60s with mixed gray hair and casual dress, possibly wearing a baseball cap.

To the best of Thrower’s knowledge, the suspect was seen near Levine Center earlier Tuesday and was gone by the time the QAlert was sent out.

“Although he had likely left campus, we felt it was best to alert our community because this person was not a faculty, staff or student and his behavior was unusual,” Thrower said.

The individual did not make any threats and there were no indications that he “sought to do harm,” Thrower said.

Campus police may have a changed picture of where the man went on campus and for how long he stayed as reports come in from around campus, Thrower said.

Thrower emphasized that it is not clear whether the suspicious person was in fact the person parole officers were looking for. But he said that they felt it necessary to let those at Queens know just in case.

“The individual was not a member of our community, ” Thrower said, “and we felt it was best for our campus to be on the lookout for him given the parole officers inquiry.”

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